Greek Literature

Author: Lena Manta
No. Of pages: 464

“You know what Hero, your godfather left your name unfinished. He should have named you Heroine!”, and she responded: “He didn’t know what life had in store for me at the time, and even if he had, he probably would have considered it exaggerated and would have cut it short and name me Hero, leaving the rest to linger like a threat…” From the day of her birth, Hero’s life has been a struggle to survive. Every route she was called to take was hard, as a little girl, as a teenager, as a maiden, as a woman. She will have to defend herself against her sickening “step father”, later deal with a violent husband, her financial destruction and escape to Cyprus; finally, she will have to fight the greatest battle of all: to save her children from their own wrong choices. By her side, there is Alexandra, a mysterious, dark woman, who will only show her bright side to Hero. She is the only one who can hear the weeping of Hero’s soul, the only one to stand by her side when Hero is forced to become a different person in order to protect her loved ones and prevail…


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